Motor Protection Circuit Breakers - MPCB'S

In order to ensure that all the industrial processes are running smoothly and efficiently, devices like motor starters and circuit breakers are critical. Motor circuit breakers are devices that integrate low voltage circuit breakers as well as thermal overload relays functions and facilitate the protection of motor branch circuits against overloads, phase-loss and short-circuit, besides enabling secured wiring.

What is MPCB?

A motor protection circuit breaker is a customized electromechanical device that can work with both 60 Hz and 50 Hz motor circuits. Short circuits, line-to-ground faults, and line-to-line faults are all prevented by these circuit breakers.

Tesys GV2

  • Thermal Magnetic Circuit breaker
  • Available from 0.1A – 32A
  • Push Button type (GV2ME) and Rotary Handle (GV2P)
  • Magnetic Circuit breaker available (GV2LE)
  • Screw clamp and spring terminal options

Tesys GV3

  • Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker with only magnetic available
  • Available from 9A – 80A
  • Standard Size of 55mm, din rail mountable
  • Comes with patented Everlink terminals
  • Global Certifications & Approvals


  • Robust, innovative thermal magnetic breaker 
  • Range from 0.8A – 115 A
  • Wide optional overload settings
  • Fault differentiation options with additional side module
  • Electronic core of GV4P gives a great detection accuracy, with alarming and advanced protections


  • Range from 0.1A – 32A
  • Thermal Magnetic Protection with push button control
  • Industry leading high mechanical and electrical endurance
  • Economical Range
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