"A Journey Of Thousand Miles Starting From A Single Step"

Strength & Growth Comes Only Through Continous Effort & Struggle


BACKSTAGE : With a family that was traditionally pawn broking, was looking to diversify and enter into something new. It is then that Chandmal Kantilalji took over a small shop Chickpet to begin their tryst with the electrical field.

THE BEGINNING : With a 10×10 size shop, Delton was formally formed in year 1986. Humble beginnings marked the city market area business, with customers coming to the shop and business being local by nature.



THE NEW ENTRANT : Mahesh, Mr C Kantilalji’s son, left his education mid-way to join his dad at Chickpet. With an eye for progress and willingness to learn, his curiosity had him drive for more, and it showed when he started taking decisions.

A NEW CHAPTER : Delton managed to get the dealership of Minilec India, and for the very first time, the business model changed from customers-coming to now going and selling to customers. An opportunity with its own challenges.



CLOSE. OPEN : 1998 was a turning point in the journey of Delton. As they discontinuned the dealership of BCH, they also got appointed by Schneider as the distributor for MCBS (a small product to consider then).

THE MOVE. THE COPY : Delton moved its office from Chickpet to Basavangudi, with 1200 sq ft of space it started to align itself to everything that Schneider had to offer-from products to business models. It was clear from here that there was no turning back.



GROWTH MODE : Delton moved to a new office, this time a 5000 sq ft office on KRRoad, and accelerated its reach with a growing team of 15 members. It constantly matched up its deliveries and services to the needs of its clients.

PARTNER IN FAITH : Recognising that growth is all about right partnerships, Delton found a great friend and partner in Shree NM, a legacy company. With matched values and vision, they partnered to work along with their respective strengths.



INTEGRATED SPACE  : start of the year, Delton & Shree NM come together to create a one-point destination for all electrical solutions, with a 20,000 sq ft office-cum-warehouse integrated space. With growth marking them both, the future holds a lot of promise.

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