Molded Case Circuit Breakers - MCCBs

Schneider Electric India’s ranges of Molded Case Circuit Breaker devices for industrial applications provide unique and customised solutions depending on different load requirements. The different ranges of MCCB’s are among the most sophisticated industrial circuit breakers available in the country.

What is MCCB?

MCCB is a short form for Molded Case Circuit Breaker.. It is a common example of an electrical safety device that is more often than not used when the load current is significantly higher than the limit of a miniature circuit breaker.

The MCCB offers protection against short circuit faults and is even used for switching the circuits. It can be employed for higher current ratings as well as fault level, in the case of a few domestic purposes. The wide current ratings and high breaking capacity in Molded Case Circuit Breaker mean that they are even suitable for industrial reasons.

Here are some features of MCCBs:

1. The tripping circuit of an Molded Case Circuit Breaker is moveable
2. The MCCB has single, two, three, or four-pole versions
3. The rating current of an MCCB is 10 to 200 amps (the rating current is the maximum current that the circuit should draw)
4. MCCB’s are primarily used in heavy current circuits
5. They are commonly used in heavy-duty industrial applications


  • Range from 16A-800A
  • Breaking capacity 25ka & 50ka in 3 frame sizes
  • Thermal (adj:0.7-1) and Microprocessor
    ( adj:0.5-1) based available
  • Earth leakage by adding Vigi module
  • Small Footprint and common accessories
  • Perfect combination of budget, quality and performance


  • Simple breakers upto 630A with breaking capacity up to 50kA 
  • Fixed Thermal magnetic trip units
  • 1,2,3 and 4 Pole available
  • Very compact in size
  • Earth leakage optional


  • Compact NS series from 630A – 3200A
  • 4 breaking performances from 50 to 150 kA at 415 V
  • 2 Frame Sizes
  • TMD and Microprocessor Based
  • Embedded Energy metering, pre alarms and fault analysis
  • Fixed and Withdrawable options available


  • Range from 16A- 160A, 3P and 4P
  • Adjustable Thermal Setting: 0.7 – 1 
  • Five breaking capacities : 16, 25, 36, 50, 70 kA at 415 V 
  • Compliance with international standards
  • With EverLink™ Patented terminals
  • Flexibility to choose rotary handles – direct, extended and side
  • Earth leakage protection available


  • Range from 100A- 630A, 3P and 4P
  • DC version available
  • 2 Frame sizes, Breaking capacity: 25, 36, 50, 70, 100 & 150 kA
  • Power and Energy monitoring embedded
  • Communication options available
  • Thermal (<250A, adj: 0.7-1) and Microprocessor (adj:0.4-1) available
  • Prealarms, Fault analysis
  • With EverLink™ Patented terminals
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