Highly efficient range of contactors and reversing contactors that ensure the electrical circuit of your instrument turns on and off in accordance with the power requirements of the of the equipment.

Tesys K

  • Worlds smallest electromechanical contactor
  • 6A- 16A in 1 frame size
  • Reversing contactor available pre assembled
  • Multiple Coil voltages available
  • H Class Coil insulation
  • Low consumption coil available for Direct PLC integration
  • 1NO/1NC built in

Tesys D

  • Highest Electrical and Mechanical life in the market
  • Range from 9A- 150A, AC1-AC4 Duty
  • 3 & 4 Pole options,1NO & 1NC built in
  • Separate Colour demarcation for Power and Control terminals
  • H Class insulation on Coil to help increase coil life
  • Low consumption coil available for direct PLC integration
  • Multiple coil references, with options of wide voltage ranges.
  • Reversing Contactors also available
  • Inbuilt Coil suppressor for DC coils
  • Made in India

Tesys F

  • Range from 115A- 1800A
  • 3 & 4 pole options with AC or DC coil
  • H Class Coil insulation
  • Patented Everlink Terminals
  • Multiple global approvals
  • Separate Coil and Contactor reference
  • Maximum operating rate: 120 cycles/ hour


  • Range from 6A- 630A, 3 & 4 Pole available
  • High operating temperature of 60 Degrees Celsius
  • AC Coil only available, wide band coil also available
  • Budget friendly

Tesys B

  • Variable Composition and high performance Bar Contactors for heavy duty applications
  • AC main supply from 1000 to 3000 V
  • 9 Sizes from 80 A to 2750A (AC1); 1800A (AC3), 2500A (DC5)
  • Customer specification built contactors also available
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