Power Monitoring Solutions

  • Advanced power quality analyzers/ high revenue accuracy, transient detection, ABT application, embedded web pages, Modbus mastering. GPS time sync, SOE, Expandable IO, IEC PQ Complance
  • Patented Disturbance detection, Intermediate PQ, on board memory. alarms, waveform capture, sags & swells, smart demand controller 
  • Harmonics Montoring, Predictive Demand monitoring, Multitarift, WAGES integration
  • Energy and Power Monitoring,VAF-PF

COM’X 510 Energy Management & Dashboard in a box, Data logger via cloud, Remote data push over hosted platform, Connect isolated sites via GPRS/WIFI, Onboard DVAI

EGX 300 Modbus serial device to Ethernet gateway, Local Data logging and visualization

LINK 150 Modbus to Ethernet protocol Conversion, dual ethernet

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