High Current Air Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric India offers a range of high threshold Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) that save the system from overcurrent and short-circuit. The primary functionality of Air Circuit Breaker is the protection for electric circuits over 800 Amps to 10K Amps. It has redefined the solution to over voltage or surges that can cause harm to the system and is equivalent to various Surge Protection Devices. The range of products are benchmark standard in enhancing security and reliability in industrial operations.

For the industries operating at high voltage or power supply, it becomes inevitable to protect the machinery especially motor protection from overflow of current. Sudden high voltage surges cause immense damage to the overall throughput of the plant.

There are several types of Ciruit breakers like oil circuit breakers, standard circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, etc., used in different types of industries in order to prevent hazardous situations like fires, explosions, and short circuits. An air circuit breaker is used for protecting low voltage circuits by effectively cutting the high flow of current. They are used in a wide variety of applications like transformers, generators, industrial plants, capacitors, and more.


  • Future ready breaker which incorporates latest digital and communication technologies
  • Available from 800A-6300A, breaking capacity from 42kA-150kA
  • 3 Frame sizes:630- 1600A; 800-4000A; 4000-6300A
  • Draw out and Fixed options available
  • Built in Class 1 accuracy power and energy measurement
  • Compliance with major international standards
  • Seamless Installation and Retrofit


  • Aircircuit Breakers from 800A- 4000A
  • Single Frame size, Fixed and Draw Out options are available
  • Microprocessor based ET trip system
  • Icu = Ics = Icw (1sec) = 50 kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers.
  • Pollution degree 4, allows breaker to operate in harsh environments
  • Easy Terminal Orientation; Simply turn a horizontal rear connector 90degree to make it a vertical connector
  • Suitable for Copper and Aluminium Busbars
  • All Four Pole Breakers have fully rated neutral and can be protected against Overload and Shortcircuit


  • 2 Frame Sizes: one from 800A-4000A and the other from 4000A-6300A
  • Fixed and Draw out options available
  • 4 Micrologic control units enriched by measurement, energy management and network analysis functions
  • Ics=Icu=100%; Icw=.5s
  • Breaking Capacity upto 150kA
  • Compliance to Marine Certifications


  • Most Compact version of ACB, microprocessor based
  • Single frame size from 800A- 1600A
  • Polution degree 4
  • Modbus RS485/ Ethernet TCP IP available
  • Breaking capacity upto 50kA
  • Fixed and Draw Out options available
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