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Universal Enclosures

Metallic Enclosures

Spacial SM, Spacial SM

Steel floor-standing compact enclosures

Spacial S3X

Stainless-steel wall-mounting enclosures

Spacial CRN

Steel wall-mounting enclosures

Spacial SF, Spacial SF

Steel floor-standing suitable enclosures

Insulating Enclosures

Thalassa PLM

Polyester wall-mounting enclosures

Thalassa TBP

Polycarbonate industrial boxes

Thalassa TBS

ABS industrial boxes

Thalassa PLA

Polyester floor-standing enclosures

Accessories, Configuration and Spare Parts

Lighting and power sockets

Lighting accessories & power sockets

Power Distribution

Power distribution accessories

Complement accessories

Complement accessories

Door Accessories

Door accessories

Cable Management

Cable management accessories



Cable ends

Linergy “Hot Plug” distribution

Linergy HK

Linergy Device Feeders

Linergy FM, FH, FV, FC, FT


Industrial Plugs and Sockets