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Sensors & RFID system

Limit Switches

OsiSense XC standard

Limit switches – ex Osiswitch partial

OsiSense XC Special format

Special format Limit switches

Proximity & Presence Sensors

OsiSense XU

Photo-electric sensor

OsiSense XX

Ultrasonic sensors – ex Osisonic

OsiSense XS & XT

Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors


OsiSense XCC

Rotary encoders – ex Osicoder

Pressure Sensors


Sensors for pressure contro

Safety Detectors

Preventa XCS ATEX D

Safety switches, for explosive atmosphere

Preventa XU

Light curtains

Preventa XCS

Safety switches

Traceability & Access Control

OsiSense XG

RFID and inductive identification system

Cordset and Connectors

OsiSense XZ

Machine cabling accessories


Pressure switches

Proximity sensors