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Power Monitoring and Control


PowerLogic ION7550 RTU

Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering


Integrated gateway-server


Ethernet gateway

Enerlin’X Com’X

Energy servers and data loggers


Modbus to IEC 61850 Gateway

Basic Multi-Function Metering

PowerLogic PM5000 series

Compact, versatile meters for energy cost and basic network management applications

Basic Panel Metering

DM6000 Series

Digital volt amp frequency (VAF) meters

Digital AMP / VLT / FRE

Digital ammeter – voltmeter – frequency metre

Advanced Metering


High performance meters for utility networks


High performance meters for mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks


PowerLogic power-monitoring units for HV and LV networks

Advanced Utility Metering


ANSI socket meters for utility network monitoring


IEC/DIN rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring

Intermediate metering

PowerLogic PM8000 series

Simplifying power quality, maximizing versatility

Multi-Circuit Metering


DIN-rail mounted Kilowatt-hour meters

BCPM(Branch Circuit Power Meter)

Power and energy meter to monitor circuits and mains


DIN-rail mounted Watt-hour meters

Meter configuration utilities

PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU)

Meter configuration and verification utility

ION Setup 2.2

Meter configuration and verification utility

Current Transformers


Current transformers

EasyLogic energy meters


Demand Controller for efficient demand management

Conzerv Energy Meters

EM6400 Multifunction Meter

India’s most sold and No. 1 multifunction meter for Energy Management – LED Display type

EM6433 Energy kWH Meter

India’s most preferred Energy / KWh Meter for billing applications – LED Display type

EM6434 Power and Energy Meter

India’s most preferred Power and Energy Meter – LED Display type


Digital Multifunction Meter

EM6438-EM 6436 Dual Source Energy Meter

India’s most sold Dual Source Energy Meter for Utility & Generator Monitoring – LED Display type

EM6459 VAF, PF Meters

VAF , PF Meter for network reliability & RPM Monitoring – LED Display type

EM1000/EM1200 Series VAF, PF – Power and Energy Meter

VAF, PF – Power & Energy Meter for electrical load and energy monitoring – LCD Display type

EM6436 Load Monitor

India’s most preferred load monitor for network reliability and consumption monitoring – LED Display type

Powerlogic Digital Meters

DM52 Series

Counter type energy meter


Static Watt-hour meter – 1 Phase

Power Monitoring and Control Software

Power Monitoring Expert 8.1

Power management software

StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert 8.1

Power management and control software