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Building Management

Building Management Systems

Andover Continuum

The most powerful

SmartStruxure solution

A single solution for your complex needs

HVAC Valves, Actuators and Sensors

American HVAC Valve Actuators

Industry leading control and field flexibility

Lighting Control Devices

TAC Vista

The most open


Performance You Can Rely On

Matrix Systems and Controls

CM6700 Series

16 Input Cross-Point Matrix Switch

CM6800 Series

32 Input Cross-Point Matrix Switch

CM9765 Series

2,048 Input, 512 Output Matrix Switch

CM9770 Series

2,048 Input, 512 Output High-Density Matrix Switch

CM9780 Series

4,096 Input, 512 Output High-Density Matrix Switch

CM6800E Series

48 Input Cross-Point Matrix Switch

Monitor Solutions

300 Series

17- and 19-Inch Standard Bright LCD Monitors

500 Series

LCD Monitors

Security Monitor

LCD Monitors

400 Series

17- and 19-Inch High-Bright Multimode LCD Monitors